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2017 OWX Reflections

The 2017 Online Writing Exchange was awesome. There are so many words that I can use to describe the OWE but one in particular is nerve-wrecking even though it may not seem that way I was seriously nervous. Whenever I posted something on Google Drive I felt as though my world was experiencing an Earthquake. Shana was and still is wonderful.She helped me improve my writing by telling where I could fix things to make it sound smoother.Shana gave me hints on how without giving me all the details.I think is is one of the most fun things that has happened to me during English.I feel like it’s easier to put my ideas on paper.Shana probably didn’t realize that she was helped me.
I feel like if we were to meet more than once we could build a stronger bond.For me when I meet someone I feel I am obligated to talk.I’m usually pretty shy but Shana is really nice. She made me feel comfortable talking to her.When we were in Lincoln I had so much fun.I was really tired on the way home and I even fell…

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